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Release Notes 2022.May.1

· 2 min read

Upload Segmentation labeled media#

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Users can now upload segmentation labeled images to LandingLens in the Pascal VOC format.

On the segmentation upload screen, switch from "Upload unlabeled media" to "Upload labeled media". This will reveal three types of objects to upload:

  • Images you wish to upload
  • Segmentation masks that contain the labels for each image
  • JSON defect map that matches the images to their corresponding labeled class

Drag or choose the relevant items from your folder and choose "upload media". Once complete, your labeled images will be available for review and model training.

Edit labels while reviewing#

Task managers can now edit labels directly in a review task without creating a whole new task. While reviewing a task simply select "Edit" at the bottom right corner and you can make adjustments to the existing labels or create net new ones from scratch. After saving these, any changes made will be recorded for your records later

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Re-assign rejected media#

Now you can re-assign rejected media to the original labeler with added notes to help them understand how they can improve their label quality. This not only helps improve the ground truth quality but also helps labelers get feedback and improve their labeling abilities.

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After reviewing a task, you'll see an option to re-assign the rejected media (with their comments) to the same labelers.