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Release Notes 2021.Sept.1

· 2 min read

Support Center!#

You made it! Welcome to the new LandingLens support center, your all in one tool to help you get the most out of LandingLens. You can always access it from the "Support Center" button on the rop right of the platform. We've divided this center into three sections. Release (ie here) is where you can find details on our latest releases, what was included and how it works. Documentation is a detailed indexed overview of all LandingLens features - anytime you have a question about where to find something or how it works, this section will help.

Project Level Type#

We'll soon be adding new model types to LandingLens, including Classificationa and Anomaly Detection. In an effort to help with the organization of these model and label types, you'll now be prompted to pick a model type when creating a new project. Legacy projects will not be impacted by this change.

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Class Level Metrics#

Now you can see per class defect performance metrics in your error analysis reports! This will help you identify how your model is performing on each defect class so you and your team can focus your efforts to improve specific class performance.

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Model Versioning#

In order to help you track which version of a model is in deployment we've added a feature which automatically tags models with the date they were added to deployment. Now when you are viewing models on your edge device you will not only see the model name but also the date on which it was added to Deployment from the Models page.