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Release Notes 2021.Sep.2

· One min read

Developer Tools#

Dear Developers,

We've added a new section Developer Tools to our support center platform. It covers articles documenting every command you can use in LandingLens' command-line interface (CLI).

The LandingLens CLI is a developer tool to help you manage your datasets and models directly from your terminal. The LandingLens CLI is simple to install, works on macOS, Windows, & Linux, and offers a range of functionality to make your developer experience with LandingLens better.

With the LandingLens CLI, you can:

  • Upload new images
  • Set metadata for existing images
  • Programmatically launch training and evaluation jobs
  • Fine-tune model hyperparameter
  • Apply custom transformations in augmentation or post-processing

Follow the instruction here to install and setup your LandingLens CLI.

Need a guide on the parameter values for the train and transform config? Please check train YAML references and transform YAML reference.

If you want to see quick start examples for custom transformations, follow our guide to get started.