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Install the LandingLens CLI

Install Python#

LandingLens CLI supports Python versions 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8. Python is an open-source programming language for building ML applications. Our recommendation is to install Anaconda Python Distribution. It installs entire scientific python libraries like NumPy, SciPy, and many others that may be useful.

If you prefer to do the minimal install, use Miniconda. Please say yes or check the box for adding Python to Path.

Verify your Anaconda python installation by opening a terminal and typing conda. It should display a list of options. If it says command not found, you could have missed the step to add Python to the path (checkbox in the install process). Follow the steps here to add Anaconda to Path.

If you installed Python through the Anaconda/Miniconda distribution, Use conda to create a virtual env and install from the virtual env.

# Specify a python version >=3.6conda create -n llens python=3.6conda activate llens

If you don't want to install Anaconda/Miniconda, you can follow Python Website. You can create a virtual environment as follows from your terminal (Mac/Linux) or PowerShell prompt (windows):

python3 -m venv ~/envs/llens# Windows~/envs/llens/Scripts/activate.bat# Mac / Linux. ~/envs/llens/bin/activate

Install LandingLens CLI#

Install using wheel:

pip install -U

NOTE: Remember to activate your virtual environment every time you use the LandingLens CLI or SDK.